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Photo by  Marten Bjork  on  UnsplashPhoto by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

PRO TIPS TO keep it clean
The pandemic has had everyone in a twistie for quite some time now.
How do we travel pros stay healthy on the road? Here are some of my tips & tricks!

Even before I open my bag, I rip open
the bed down to the mattress.
I’m looking for signs of bedbugs: small brown spots on the sheets and the mattress. Don’t know what to look for?
Check it out
Bedbugs are notoriously hard to kill (I have had them twice, so I am a reluctant pro). Known as great travelers they don’t care if it’s a crappy run-down meth-lab motel or a luxury la-di-da fancy destination hotel.
Where ever humans are, it’s a bedbug slumber party!

Most important: keep your bag(s) off the floor and use that luggage rack stashed in the closet. Ask for one more, two more, if you need.

Next, I wipe down
my entire hotel room with anti-bacterial wipes. Every surface I know I will touch: door handles/knobs, remotes, light switches, outlets, workspace, faucet, toilet flusher, hooks, coffee maker.
You see it – you wipe it.
As I mention on my my top 3 page, I also wipe down my seat and surrounding area when I fly.

close down shop by hanging up the “do not disturb” sign – and leave it there during my entire stay. The last thing I want is someone to come into my clean room and use their bacteria-laden rags. However, I ask housekeeping to provide new towels if I need some, but I’m totally good with using the same towel during my entire stay. After all, I don’t change my towels every day when I’m home…

Here are some awesome hotel hacks I’ve picked up during my travels:
♦ Grab a six-pack or bottle of your fave wine (with screw top unless you clever soul packed a wine-opener), fill up your sink with ice from the ice machine and you got an awesome diy cooler.
♦ Don’t have a drain-stopper? Use the ice-bucket bag to cover the hole, put some coins on top and you got yourself a drain plug.
♦ Light getting in through that oddly mysterious gap between the curtains? Do they purposefully make curtains too narrow? Asking for a friend… Grab those pant hangers with clamps in the closet and shut that gap up!
♦ Even though you wiped down the entire room, you still don’t want to put your toothbrush on that counter, right? Grab a paper cup, flip it upside down, make a hole in the bottom and you got yourself a DIY toothbrush stand.
♦ The ironing board is the most under-utilized item in your room. know how to iron? know anyone who irons?! meh. Throw a towel over it and use as a side table, make-up table, or bar for those cold drinks you have in the sink.
♦ The oldest trick in the hotel world: look up hotels on one of the big hotel search sites, then contact the hotel directly to book. Most likely you will get a better rate and a better room as the hotel doesn’t have to pay that 15% commission to that big website you just used…

Photo by  Ioana Cristiana  on  Unsplash



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