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Author: global local traveler

  • Oh Corona!

    Oh Corona!

    The world is going to hell. At least if you believe the frothy media reports. Their amplified tone. Is this a new “9/11” in the jagged shape of a virus? Global stock markets are tanking! The world is going under! We’re all going to die! we can never ever go to Italy! Or china! Or…

  • Packing!


    What to pack?! The agony is real! Arming myself for The Battle of the Bags!

  • The Blue Moment

    The Blue Moment

    In Lapland during December and January, the sun never rises above the horizon. It lingers, right on the cusp, providing daylight for a couple of hours. Around 2:00 pm during the day, the penumbra of the sun creates the “Blue Moment” – the moment when the world turns blue and the sky is ablaze with…